Whitetail Paradise Farm
Okeechobee, Florida

About Us


BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm owners, Dr. Laurie Cook and Richard Spangenberg have shared a lifelong passion for hunting, wildlife, and white-tailed deer. This passion for wildlife and animal husbandry materialized into a career for Dr. Laurie Cook in her late teens when she began her college education in veterinary medicine. Dr. Cook now practices both large and small animal veterinary medicine and has become one of Florida’s foremost white-tailed deer veterinarians. Richard has lived a life in pursuit of his hunting obsession, managing to balance ownership of several businesses while still remaining hot on the trail of that elusive white-tail. Dr. Cook and Richard have instilled this stewardship for wildlife into their two sons, Brandon and Dylan, who play integral roles in the family business as they balance these duties with their emerging careers.

Dr. Cook and Richard first learned about white-tail deer breeding and the rapidly growing market while shopping for archery equipment at a hunting expo show. After a year of farm tours and significant research into the industry, Dr. Cook and Richard purchased their first breeder doe in 2011. Over the next four years they continued to purchase deer and breed their does. They boarded their deer at the seller’s farm until early 2015 when they completed their state of the art deer pens and moved their deer to BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm.

Since day one, with the purchase of their first doe, BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm has been committed to breeding deer that not only boast the best pedigrees and antler characteristics that the market demands, but deer that offer the absolute most disease resistance and environmental tolerance that money can buy. As they continued to purchase deer and breed their does, survivability and hardiness have been as much of a deciding factor on the stock they purchased and sires they use as the name recognition associated with such genetics. Elite Texas sires such as Gladiator, Gladiator II, Express, Big Stitch, GXL, Perfect Dream, and Big Boy along with their foundation doe lines of Frauline, Vickie, Mustang Creek and high end Clint comprise BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm foundation genetics.

It took BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm four years to meticulously select and produce what they consider their foundation genetics, but their commitment to excellence does not stop here. BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm has, is, and will continue to utilize the best Texas genetics in pursuit of their goal to provide breeders and preserve owners throughout the state of Florida with the biggest typical bucks and best throwing does that are guaranteed to survive and thrive in our southern environment.