Whitetail Paradise Farm
Okeechobee, Florida

Yearling Bucks

Experienced breeders realize that the caliber of a breeding operation is often measured by the quality of the yearling bucks being produced. At BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm we understand that a consistent and systematic breeding program is the key to producing bigger and better bucks each year.  Our yearling bucks out of our 2014 AI sires and Breeder Bucks are currently growing out nicely!  We are very excited about what they will grow their first year and anticipating great results!  Our yearlings bucks are out of “Remedy” and “Y51” (Frauline Berdoll line), “Big Stitch” and “Lil Bit” (Our Power House Mustang Creek Doe), High Xpectations buck “Big O” and Pebbles (Gladiator II daughter), and a “Big Stitch” and “Beyond Control” Grandson out of the Mustang Creek and Frauline doe lines.

We have wide, tall, typical looking frames out of our yearling bucks with a few trying to put on a lot of extra points early in the game!  Again, we are striving for that typical clean look and of course the environmental tolerance and disease resistance needed in our southern climate.  Come for a farm tour and see what we are growing or we can send you pictures so you can be the judge…   Every day the view changes!!!