Whitetail Paradise Farm
Okeechobee, Florida

Breeder Bucks

At BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm, we have made it our mission to provide breeders and preserve owners throughout the state of Florida and beyond with the best genetics that money can buy. The foundation of our breeder bucks roots back to some of the deepest Texas bloodlines around. Our edge over the rest of the industry is the fact that we’re not just selling genetics that will produce big bucks, we’re selling Texas toughness and striving for the “Clean Typical” look that the industry continuously desires!

BDRL Whitetails Breeder Bucks

The genetic foundation for “Beyond Xpectations” goes back to the “power house” doe line of Mustang Creek. These larger bodied Texas does are throwing big yearling bucks across the south. These bucks are exhibiting outstanding environmental tolerance to the elements of the swamp! Beyond Xpectations is the result of an excellent outcross consisting of a Gladiator daughter bred to Beyond Control, a Maxbo son. This breeding cross provided him with the power to push the incredible mass we all love to see in our bucks and scoring 246+ as a two year old makes him an excellent sire. This gentle giant has everything you would want for your breeding operation; the environmental tolerance for the south and that large typical frame with the bone throwing capacity of Maxbo. (Semen Available)

BIG CYPRUS” DNA Pending; 2 Year old Big Stitch Son out of our Power House Mustang Creek Doe

BEE LINE” (Blue 11) – 2 yrs -DNA 214609 – Big Stitch Grandson out of our Power House Mustang Creek Doe who is double stacked with Gladiator!

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