Whitetail Paradise Farm
Okeechobee, Florida

3 Old Bucks

Florida Buck BreedingBDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm offers landowners throughout Florida the opportunity to purchase individual or groups of stocker bucks to improve the genetics on their preserves. In the fall of each year, our two year old bucks finish growing, often scoring in excess of 200” with typical frames. Our three year olds after growing will score from 200 – 300” with typical frames with many retained as breeders. The demand for our hardy genetics and the fact that our bucks get big at an early age allows us to sell our bucks young, benefiting the preserve owners.

Our two and three year old bucks range from 100% pure Texas to a mixture of Texas and Northern genetics with the northern influence provided by the sire side. All of our foundation breeding stock is pure Texas to ensure disease resistance and environmental tolerance to the swampy conditions in south Florida. The sires of our two and three year old bucks are the best in Texas and the North, including “Express”, “Big Stitch”, “Beyond Control”, “Gladiator XL” and a Grandson out of Gladiator II and Bambi Rambo I, all throwing very nice mass with some great typical frames! The sires of these bucks have proven time and time again that their bloodlines produce massive results with the look and the pedigree to go with it! BDRL Whitetail Paradise Farm offers an optimum nutrition program to optimize the genetics and antler growth but at the same time providing the natural browse for healthy rumen health so the transition to preserve living goes smooth. Our bucks have the look that any preserve owner would want in their preserve breeding program. Hunting preserves, call us with your needs and we can provide.

Preserve owners interested in our genetics for your preserves or hunting preserves looking for that trophy buck, please give us a call for a tour or ask to send you some pictures and you be the judge…